Live-Action Brand and Product Commercials 100% Remote Service

Digital Marketing Concierge Monthly Retainer

The Digital Marketing Concierge includes Brand Strategy, Web Design, Market Research, Graphics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing Campaigns. Startups and brands are discovering the benefits of optimizing their social media and web presence. Companies are now focusing on increasing the number of innovative content being posted while monitoring the competion. A high level of refinement and control over details are less of a priority, in exchange for the increased exposure of constant content creation, analytics, SEO, and direct email marketing campaigns. We provide full suite marketing management for your brand or company. (100% remote) Partner with us today. Monthly retainer starting from $500.

Video Production Hourly Retainer

Our hourly retainer provides a set number of hours in remote video production, you will know exactly how many hours of work you are getting. We will work exclusively with your brand or company to develop a digital strategy for commercial or marketing requirements. The more hours you commit to, the lower your hourly rate will be. With an hourly video retainer, IRFS Films retains a predetermined number of hours exclusively for you. It’s really like having us in-house and on-call. Currently, we take live-action (100% remote) commercial projects with budgets starting from $149 per 1 minute of video material.

Video Production Project Retainer

Our Video Production Project Retainer includes YOUTUBE Channel Management free of charge. We edit your monthly videos and directly upload them to your channels while monitoring performance. Companies are now focusing on increasing the number of videos and innovative content being posted. By getting a project retainer, you will know exactly how many videos you get each month. This ensures you’ll have a constant stream of content being posted. The average monthly retainer price for 3-6 (short and long form) live-action corporate brand/ product videos starts at $500.

Corporate Video

Brand Strategy Product Commercials

Social Media Management Digital Marketing