Video Production ATX

Award-winning USA-based artists specializing in 100% remote service 3D animation & live-action brand commercials

IRFS Films is a virtual studio with a passion for raw storytelling in animated film and live-action commercial production. We cater to a fewer number of unique projects rather than the corporate factory approach of sheer numbers. Every story or video marketing production is custom-crafted, carrying the opportunity to work closely with every individual or company. Our services provide a distinct visual perception to explore your message in an imaginative format. Our digital artists are based in Austin, Texas, and specialize in remote projects.

Please contact IRFS Films by email for any questions on Live-Action productions, collaborations, or requests. IRFS looks forward to hearing from you. Partner with us for full-service digital marketing and Youtube Channel promotions. Monthly retainers for live-action brand videos are available. The average turnaround time for one animation project is from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on its complexity. Currently, we take 3D projects with budgets starting from $1200 per 1 minute of video material.